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DU-AMAZING-CK-A   beAmazing Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-AMAZING-GS-A   beAmazing Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-AMAZING-HG-A   beAmazing Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-AMAZING-MF-A   beAmazing Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-AMAZING-SA-A   beAmazing Wig: Sandstone
DU-AMAZING-SS-A   beAmazing Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-AMAZING-SL-A   beAmazing Wig: Silver Sand
DU-AMAZING-SW-A   beAmazing Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-AMAZING-WD-A   beAmazing Wig: White Dove
DU-ANGEL-CP-A   beAngelic Wig: Cream Puff
DU-ANGEL-CK-A   beAngelic Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-ANGEL-GF-A   beAngelic Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-ANGEL-GS-A   beAngelic Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-ANGEL-HG-A   beAngelic Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-ANGEL-MF-A   beAngelic Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-ANGEL-SA-A   beAngelic Wig: Sandstone
DU-ANGEL-SS-A   beAngelic Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-ANGEL-SW-A   beAngelic Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-ANGEL-SC-A   beAngelic Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-BLESSED-GF-A   beBlessed Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-BLESSED-GS-A   beBlessed Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-BLESSED-HG-A   beBlessed Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-BLESSED-SA-A   beBlessed Wig: Sandstone
DU-BLESSED-SS-A   beBlessed Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-BLESSED-SL-A   beBlessed Wig: Silver Sand
DU-BLESSED-SW-A   beBlessed Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-BLESSED-SC-A   beBlessed Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-BLESSED-WD-A   beBlessed Wig: White Dove
DU-BOLD-CK-A   beBold Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-BOLD-GS-A   beBold Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-BOLD-HG-A   beBold Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-BOLD-MF-A   beBold Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-BOLD-SA-A   beBold Wig: Sandstone
DU-BOLD-SS-A   beBold Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-BOLD-SL-A   beBold Wig: Silver Sand
DU-BOLD-SW-A   beBold Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-BOLD-WD-A   beBold Wig: White Dove
DU-CHARITY-CB-A   beCharitable Wig: Coffee Bean
DU-CHARITY-CP-A   beCharitable Wig: Cream Puff
DU-CHARITY-CK-A   beCharitable Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-CHARITY-GF-A   beCharitable Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-CHARITY-GS-A   beCharitable Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-CHARITY-HG-A   beCharitable Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-CHARITY-MF-A   beCharitable Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-CHARITY-RH-A   beCharitable Wig: Red Hot Red
DU-CHARITY-SA-A   beCharitable Wig: Sandstone
DU-CHARITY-SS-A   beCharitable Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-CHARITY-SL-A   beCharitable Wig: Silver Sand
DU-CHARITY-SW-A   beCharitable Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-CHARITY-SC-A   beCharitable Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-CHARITY-WD-A   beCharitable Wig: White Dove
DU-FAITH-CP-A   beFaithful Wig: Cream Puff
DU-FAITH-CK-A   beFaithful Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-FAITH-GS-A   beFaithful Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-FAITH-MS-A   beFaithful Wig: Midnight Sky
DU-FAITH-SS-A   beFaithful Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-GENTLE-GS-A   beGentle Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-GENTLE-HG-A   beGentle Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-GENTLE-MS-A   beGentle Wig: Midnight Sky
DU-GENTLE-SA-A   beGentle Wig: Sandstone
DU-GENTLE-SS-A   beGentle Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-GENTLE-SW-A   beGentle Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-GOOD-CC-A   beGood Wig: Cherry Cola
DU-GOOD-GS-A   beGood Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-GOOD-HG-A   beGood Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-GOOD-SS-A   beGood Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-GOOD-SW-A   beGood Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-GOOD-SC-A   beGood Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-GRACE-CC-A   beGraceful Wig: Cherry Cola
DU-GRACE-CB-A   beGraceful Wig: Coffee Bean
DU-GRACE-CP-A   beGraceful Wig: Cream Puff
DU-GRACE-CK-A   beGraceful Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-GRACE-GF-A   beGraceful Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-GRACE-GS-A   beGraceful Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-GRACE-HG-A   beGraceful Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-GRACE-MS-A   beGraceful Wig: Midnight Sky
DU-GRACE-SA-A   beGraceful Wig: Sandstone
DU-GRACE-SS-A   beGraceful Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-GRACE-SW-A   beGraceful Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-GRACE-SC-A   beGraceful Wig: Strawberries & Champange
DU-HAPPY-CP-A   BeHappy Wig: Cream Puff
DU-HAPPY-GF-A   BeHappy Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-HAPPY-GS-A   BeHappy Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-HAPPY-HG-A   BeHappy Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-HAPPY-SA-A   BeHappy Wig: Sandstone
DU-HAPPY-SS-A   BeHappy Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-HAPPY-SL-A   BeHappy Wig: Silver Sand
DU-HAPPY-SW-A   BeHappy Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-HAPPY-SC-A   BeHappy Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-HAPPY-WD-A   BeHappy Wig: White Dove
DU-HEAVEN-CP-A   beHeavenly Wig: Cream Puff
DU-HEAVEN-CK-A   beHeavenly Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-HEAVEN-GF-A   beHeavenly Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-HEAVEN-GS-A   beHeavenly Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-HEAVEN-SA-A   beHeavenly Wig: Sandstone
DU-HEAVEN-SS-A   beHeavenly Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-HEAVEN-SW-A   beHeavenly Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-HEAVEN-SC-A   beHeavenly Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-HELPFUL-CC-A   beHelpful Wig: Cherry Cola
DU-HELPFUL-CB-A   beHelpful Wig: Coffee Bean
DU-HELPFUL-CK-A   beHelpful Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-HELPFUL-GS-A   beHelpful Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-HELPFUL-HG-A   beHelpful Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-HELPFUL-PP-A   beHelpful Wig: Pink Pink
DU-HELPFUL-PR-A   beHelpful Wig: Purple Rain
DU-HELPFUL-SL-A   beHelpful Wig: Silver Sand
DU-HELPFUL-WD-A   beHelpful Wig: White Dove
DU-HOPE-CC-A   beHopeful Wig: Cherry Cola
DU-HOPE-CP-A   beHopeful Wig: Cream Puff
DU-HOPE-CK-A   beHopeful Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-HOPE-GS-A   beHopeful Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-HOPE-HG-A   beHopeful Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-HOPE-MS-A   beHopeful Wig: Midnight Sky
DU-HOPE-MF-A   beHopeful Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-HOPE-SA-A   beHopeful Wig: Sandstone
DU-HOPE-SS-A   beHopeful Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-HOPE-SW-A   beHopeful Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-HOPE-SC-A   beHopeful Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-JOY-CC-A   beJoyful Wig: Cherry Cola
DU-JOY-CP-A   beJoyful Wig: Cream Puff
DU-JOY-CK-A   beJoyful Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-JOY-GS-A   beJoyful Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-JOY-HG-A   beJoyful Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-JOY-MS-A   beJoyful Wig: Midnight Sky
DU-JOY-MF-A   beJoyful Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-JOY-RH-A   beJoyful Wig: Red Hot Red
DU-JOY-SA-A   beJoyful Wig: Sandstone
DU-JOY-SS-A   beJoyful Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-JOY-SW-A   beJoyful Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-JOY-SC-A   beJoyful Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-LOVED-CC-A   beLoved Wig: Cherry Cola
DU-LOVED-GS-A   beLoved Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-LOVED-HG-A   beLoved Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-LOVED-SS-A   beLoved Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-LOVED-SW-A   beLoved Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-LOVED-SC-A   beLoved Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-MERCY-CK-A   beMerciful Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-MERCY-GS-A   beMerciful Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-MERCY-HG-A   beMerciful Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-MERCY-SW-A   beMerciful Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-MERRY-CC-A   beMerry Wig: Cherry Cola
DU-MERRY-CB-A   beMerry Wig: Coffee Bean
DU-MERRY-GS-A   beMerry Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-MERRY-HG-A   beMerry Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-MERRY-RH-A   beMerry Wig: Red Hot Red
DU-MERRY-SS-A   beMerry Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-MERRY-SC-A   beMerry Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-PEACE-CP-A   bePeaceful Wig: Cream Puff
DU-PEACE-GF-A   bePeaceful Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-PEACE-GS-A   bePeaceful Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-PEACE-HG-A   bePeaceful Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-PEACE-SA-A   bePeaceful Wig: Sandstone
DU-PEACE-SS-A   bePeaceful Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-PEACE-SW-A   bePeaceful Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-PEACE-SC-A   bePeaceful Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-TRUE-CK-A   beTrue Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-TRUE-GF-A   beTrue Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-TRUE-GS-A   beTrue Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-TRUE-HG-A   beTrue Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-TRUE-MF-A   beTrue Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-TRUE-SA-A   beTrue Wig: Sandstone
DU-TRUE-SS-A   beTrue Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-TRUE-SW-A   beTrue Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-TRUE-SC-A   beTrue Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
DU-TRUE-WD-A   beTrue Wig: White Dove
DU-WISE-CB-A   beWise Wig: Coffee Bean
DU-WISE-CK-A   beWise Wig: Dark Chocolate Kiss
DU-WISE-GF-A   beWise Wig: Golden Fawn
DU-WISE-GS-A   beWise Wig: Golden Sunset
DU-WISE-HG-A   beWise Wig: Hazelnut Glaze
DU-WISE-MF-A   beWise Wig: Mochaccino Frost
DU-WISE-RH-A   beWise Wig: Red Hot Red
DU-WISE-SS-A   beWise Wig: Shadowed Sugar
DU-WISE-SW-A   beWise Wig: Soft Wheat
DU-WISE-SC-A   beWise Wig: Strawberries & Champagne
HC-CON   dü-Luscious Conditioner HairCare
HC-DET   dü-Luscious Detangler HairCare
HC-LUSCIOUS-H   dü-Luscious Hair Spray HairCare
HC-SC   dü-Luscious Shampoo & Conditioner HairCare
HC-LUSCIOUS-S   dü-Luscious Shampoo HairCare
HC-SCD   dü-Luscious Shampoo, Conditioner & Detangler HairCare
HC-H.FISHNET-2PK-BK1   Hairnets - 2PK - Black 1 Set for a Total of 2
HC-H.FISHNET-2PK-BK2   Hairnets - 2PK - Black 2 Sets for a Total of 4
HC-H.FISHNET-2PK-BK3   Hairnets - 2PK - Black 3 Sets for a Total of 6
HC-H.FISHNET-2PK-BL1   Hairnets - 2PK - Blonde 1 Set for a Total of 2
HC-H.FISHNET-2PK-BL2   Hairnets - 2PK - Blonde 2 Sets for a Total of 4
HC-H.FISHNET-2PK-BL3   Hairnets - 2PK - Blonde 3 Sets for a Total of 6

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